Jody E. Hooper MD

Director of Research Autopsy Collaboration, Director of Autopsy Services

Dr. Jody E. Hooper is an Associate Professor of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine and the creator of the new Research Autopsy Collaboration at Stanford.  She was previously the Director of Autopsy and of the Legacy Gift Rapid Autopsy program at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.  She has performed nearly 1100 autopsies including over 120 rapid research autopsies.  Her research focuses on the use of postmortem tissue in research, including utilizing autopsy tissue in characterizing cancer evolution from genetic and immunologic standpoints.   She has published many papers on autopsy and quality and co-edited a book, Autopsy in the 21st Century. 


Leigh Ann Fraley

Administrator/Technician of Research Autopsy Collaboration

Leigh Ann Fraley is the Administrator and Technician for the Research Autopsy Collaboration at Stanford. Prior to working at Stanford, she spent over 20 years working executive assistant positions at various companies including Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park and California Comfort Systems. She has extensive experience in counseling bereaved families and managing calendars, handling legal documents, coordinating communication, processing purchases, and creating a positive work environment. At the RACS, she coordinates logistics with patients and family members as well as providing hands on specimen assistance during research autopsies.