Donate / Fundraise

Qualify for fundraising gifts, when you reach these personal or team fundraising goals for the 22nd Annual Race Against PH:

*For team fundraising, the Team Captain will be awarded the fundraising gift.


Coffee Mug

Raise $175 and receive this Race Against PH mug on race day!

Fleece Blanket

Raise $975 and receive this Stanford fleece blanket (plus the coffee mug and hat) on race day!

Trucker Hat

Raise $425 and receive this Race Against PH hat (plus the coffee mug) on race day!

Stanford Duffel Bag

Raise $1500 and receive this Stanford duffel bag (plus coffee mug, the hat and the fleece blanket) on race day!


Want to Donate or Fundraise?

Contributions are 100% tax deductible. All donations/pledges over $10 will receive a donation letter for tax purposes. Proceeds from the event benefit the Ewing Family Fund for PH Research at Stanford and the Vera Moulton Wall Center for Pulmonary Vascular Disease. The Wall Center provides programs and services for PH patients at Stanford University and through support of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.

Tax Information

Stanford is a 501(c)(3).  TaX ID #94-1156365