2023 Highlights

Postdoctoral fellow Sarasa Isobe was invited to present a at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Pulmonary Vascular Biology and Medicine VMI/HVI Research Seminar Series, where she talked on "How does DNA damage alter gene expression and acquire a pulmonary hypertension phenotype?” (January 2023). Also in January, Dr. Isobe represented Dr. Rabinovitch at the Gordon Research Conference in Vascular Cell Biology (Ventura Beach, CA) where she spoke on “The Link Between Unrepaired DNA Damage, Impaired Endothelial Regeneration and Pulmonary Hypertension”.

Dr. Rabinovitch and our collaborator Dr. Roham Zamanian were invited by the NIH/NHLBI to lead a session on “Elafin: From Translational PPG to Clinical Trial” at the upcoming American Thoracic Society (ATS) International Meeting in Washington, DC in May.  Dr. Rabinovitch is also an invited speaker at the session “Under the Magnifying Glass – Omics and Deep Phenotyping in Pulmonary Vascular Diseases” where she will talk on From Omics to targeted treatment options in pulmonary vascular disease.

Dr. Rabinovitch is an invited speaker for the American Heart Association Integrative Omics Symposium and an organizer of the Keystone Symposium: Pulmonary Hypertension: State of the Art and Therapeutic Opportunities to take place in June and a member of the Task Force on Pathobiology and Mechanism of Disease for the 7th World Symposium on Pulmonary Hypertension (2024).

Pictured, from left:  Drs. Roham Zamanian (Stanford), Michal Roof (Stanford), Juergen Paal (Proteo), Marianne Mann (Consultant), Marlene Rabinovitch, Hanna Ng (Consultant, SRI) and Oliver Wiedow (Proteo), in front of Building 22 on the FDA White Oak Campus, Silver Spring, Maryland, November 4, 2015.