Welcome to Regional Anesthesiology!

Additional online resources/references that you may find useful include "http://nysora.com/", “ultrasoundblock.com”, "http://www.usra.ca". Of these sites, only the toolbox is peer-reviewed and continually updated. 

Important Points

  • Please perform a timeout before every block, reviewing pain medications, anticoagulation status, preexisting neuropathies and correct side.
  • OSC Resident carries the BLOCK pager starting at 7am Monday (Handbook pg 6)
  • SMOC (Handbook pg 7) fill out the attached form and send it to Carolyn Longshore (clongshore@stanfordhealthcare.org) to expedite getting scrub access and door access.
  • The night before (Handbook pg 3) the fellow will send you the schedule.
  • You will present at Journal Club (Handbook pg 7)
  • Check your block cart before first block (especially for resuscitation equipment)
  • Calling the first block patients the night before is always a good idea to smooth the morning rush
  • The rotation has 3 learnings objectives that are equally important:
    •  1. learning the technique safely and efficiently.
    • 2. learning to coordinate the flow of patient to avoid delays.
    • 3. learning acute pain management including block assessment and rescue.


Please feel free to contact Dr. Khoo at cynthiak@stanford.edu regarding your upcoming rotation.

Cynthia Khoo MD
Director of RAAPM Residency Program

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