Kristopher Kapphahn, M.S.
Senior Biostatistician & Assistant Director of Data Science Navigation

Kris joined the QSU in May 2012 after completing his M.S. in Biostatistics from the University of Minnesota. In his graduate work, he studied the handling of missing data for social networking data through multiple imputation techniques. In addition, he participated in projects ranging from the quantification and capture of cremation-based mercury emissions to the prediction of adverse outcomes following bariatric surgery. In his current role at the QSU, he is involved with the handling of large complex data sets to study women's health through the Women's Health Initiative. Mr. Kapphahan is an expert in the programming of R, as well as Ruby, SQL, and SAS.

Methodology Area of Interest:  Kris is primarily interested in the design of simulation studies and statistical computation. He has a fair amount of experience in missing data methods, and the analysis of large cohort data.

Clinical Area of Interest: Kris dose not have an affinity for any particular diseases.

Selected Publications: 

Hastings KG, Jose PO, Kapphahn KI, Frank ATH, Goldstein BA. et al. Leading causes of death among Asian American subgroups (2003–2011). PLoS One. 2015; 10(4): e0124341.

Jose PO, Frank ATH, Kapphahn KI, Goldstein BA, Eggleston K, et al. Cardiovascular disease mortality in Asian Americans. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2014 Dec 16;64(23):2486-94.

Arce CM, Rhee JJ, Cheung KL, Hedlin H, Kapphahn K, Franceschini N, et al. Kidney Function and Cardiovascular Events in Postmenopausal Women: The Impact of Race and Ethnicity in the Women’s Health Initiative. Am J Kidney Dis. 2016 Feb;67(2):198-208.