Vidhya Balasubramanian, M.S.

Vidhya joined the QSU in July 2016. She received her MS in Biostatistics from UCLA in 2009. After graduating, she worked with the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System evaluating Women Veterans Health Care in the VA.





Methodology Area of Interest:  predictive modeling, correlated data, data visualization

Clinical Area of Interest: cardiology, pulmonary medicine, women’s health, child & maternal health

Selected Publications: 

Katon JG, Hoggatt KJ, Balasubramanian V, Saechao F, Frayne SM, Mattocks KM, Feibus KB, Galvan IV, Hickman R, Hayes PM, Haskell SG, Yano EM, Phibbs CS, Zephyrin LC. Reproductive Health Diagnoses of Women Veterans using Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care. Medical Care. 2015;53:S63-67.

Maisel NC, Haskell S, Hayes PM, Balasubramanian V, Torgal A, Ananth L, Saechao F, Iqbal S, Phibbs CS, Frayne SM. Readying the Workforce: Evaluation of VHA’s Comprehensive Women’s Health Primary Care. Provider Initiative. Medical Care. 2015;53:S39-S46.

Frayne SM, Phibbs CS, Saechao F, Maisel NC, Friedman SA, Finlay A, Berg E, Balasubramanian V, Dally SK, Ananth L, Romodan Y, Lee J, Iqbal S, Hayes PM, Zephyrin L, Whitehead A, Torgal A, Katon JG, Haskell S. Sourcebook: Women Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration. Volume 3. Sociodemographics, Utilization,Costs of Care, and Health Profile. Women’s Health Evaluation Initiative, Women’s Health Services, Veterans Health Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington DC. (February 2014/in press).