9th annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Symposium

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2022 QIPSS


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Deadline to submit abstract & poster is Sunday April 24th at 11:59pm


Download the full presentation schedule for complete details.

RSC Executive Team / QIPSS Planning committee

Faculty Leads: Lisa Shieh and Swati DiDonato

Co-Chairs: Jenny Chen and Adi Ullal

Incoming:  Katherine Xiong and Garrison Carlos

Education Chair: Mark Keroles

Communications Vice Chair: Anoosha Moturu

Nursing Lead: Barbara Mayer and Trish Britt

Administrative Lead: Luisa Fernandez

Health IT Chair: Stephen Ma

Health Equity Chair: Anna Pendrey, Claire Baniel

Executive Director of GME: Ann Dohn

Associate Dean of GME: Larry Katznelson MD

GME program manager: Trey Huynh-Ngo 

RSC Program Coordinator: Luisa Fernandez

GME Training Coordinator: Matt O’Neill

QIPSS Judges

Chief Judges:

Barbara Mayer RN

Neera Ahuja MD

Lauren Destino MD

Laurice Yang MD


Jenny Chen MD

Katherine Xiong MD

Carlos Garrison MD

Rani Berry MD


Inna Kaplan RN

Johnathan Clevinger RN

Roxanne Hyke RN

Anu Phadke MD

Christopher Sharp MD

Javier Lorenzo MD

Lauren Eggert MD

Shenee Laurence RN

Paul Heidenreich MD

Sandra Nunez RN

Michelle Williams RN

Fahmeedah Kamal MD

Carl Gold MD

Swati DiDonato MD

Jeanene Johnson

Kanishka Desai MD

Rahim Nazerali MD

Anisia Dugala

Stacy Serber RN

Shelagh Nolan RN

Ann Weinacker MD

Natalie Cheng


David Entwistle
President and Chief Executive Officer
Paul M. Maggio, MD, MBA, FACS
Clinical Professor, Surgery - General Surgery
Niraj Sehgal
Clinical Professor, Medicine
Laurence Katznelson, MD
Professor of Neurosurgery, Emeritus