Event Information

Monday, May 13, 2019, 3:30PM - 5:10PM

SHC Atrium & Breezeway


Our 2019 symposium received 84 abstracts for the event.

Judges & Planning Committee

The judges and planning committee dedicated their time and effort into organizing our third successful symposium.

Opening Remarks

Laurence Katznelson, MD

Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education, Stanford Health Care

Lisa Schilling RN, MPH

Vice President, Quality, Safety and Clinical Effectiveness, Stanford Health Care

Katherine Werbaneth, MD

Resident Safety Council Co-Chairs, Stanford Health Care

Karen Frush, MD

CQO, Stanford Health Care

Sam Shen, MD

SHC Patient Safety Officer, Stanford Health Care

Justin Slade, MD

Resident Safety Council Co-Chairs, Stanford Health Care

Closing Remarks

Karen Frush, MD

CQO, Stanford Health Care

Lisa Shieh, MD, PhD

Associate Chief Quality Officer, Stanford Health Care

Abstract Title


Department Affiliation(s)

A Pre-sternotomy Endoscopic Radial Artery Harvest Strategy Improves Intraoperative Resource Utilization and Decreases CostsEfficient Left Atrial Appendage Evaluation Using MicroTEE Transducer Yields High Patient Satisfaction Cindy Wang, MD; Alberta Yen MD, David Liang MD PhD Stanford Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine - Cardiology
Curriculum development for neurology residents during the epilepsy rotation Yi Li,  Aditya Joshi, MD; Dominic A Hovsepian, Zahra Sadat-Hossieny, Kevin Graber, Scheherazade Le Stanford  Health Care, Department of Neurology
Infectious Disease: Antimicrobial Stewardship in Immunocompromised Patients: Evaluating Management of First Episodes of Febrile Neutropenia in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies Amy Chang, MD; Marisa Holubar, MD;  Aruna Subramanian, MD;  Bruno Medeiros, MD; Emily Mui, PharmD; Lina Meng, PharmD; Michaela Leidke, MD; Stan Deresinski, MD Stanford School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine - Infectious Disease
Management of Suicidal Callers at SHC Dina Wang-Kraus, MD; Diane Wu, MD; Filza Hussain, MD; Jose Maldonado, MD Stanford, Department of Psychiatry
Using the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to Reduce CLABSI Rates in the PICU by Improving Maintenance Bundle Compliance Anisha Mazloom, MD; Katherine Steffen, MD, MHS; Andrew Palmquist, MSN, RN, NEA-BC; Margie R. Godin, MS, BSN, RN-BC; Derek B. Garnholz, MA Stanford, Department of Pediatrics
Assessing the Patient Perspective on Patient Reported Outcome Measures Following Elective Hand Surgery: A Convergent Mixed-Methods Analysis
Lauren Michelle Shapiro, MD; Sara Eppler, Allison Roe, Robin Kamal
Stanford, Department of Orthopedics
Reducing Inappropriate Utilization of the Intermediate Intensive Care Unit Amongst Cardiovascular Medicine Providers Justin Slade, MDJustin Slade, MD; Lisa Shieh, MD, PhD and David Svec, MD, MBA Stanford, Department of Internal Medicine
Improving Postpartum Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Rates in a Family Medicine Clinic Nisha Jadhaw MD  Stanford, Department of Family Medicine
52-in-52 Project: Improving the Gross Room Work Station Schedule after Sub-Specialization Erna Forgo , MD; Erika Dobo Forgana,MD; Quintina Herrera, MD; Francis De Leon, MD; April Young, MD; Christina S. Kong, MD Erna Forgo, MD; Erika Dobo Forgana, Quintina Herrera, Francis De Leon, April Young, Christina S. KongErna Forgo, MD; Erika Dobo Forgana, Quintina Herrera, Francis De Leon, April Young, Christina S. Kong Stanford, Department of Pathology
Improvements in clinical, laboratory, and Epic workflow to eliminate errors in diagnostic lumbar punctures. Nina Bozinov; Lucas B. Kipp, MD2, William Flores, CLS4,  Josephine Cabrera Aranda, CLS5, Rahul Guli6, Victoria Fitch4, Marites Lazzareschi, RN, CRRN, ACM3, Sujinder Johal, CLS7,  Esterlita Bengil, CLS7, Pablito Ang, CLS7, Isabelle Yi, RN3,  Stephanie Ogamba, MS-HCA3, Rocio Serrano, MA3, Dana Gonzales, BSN, RN, CNOR3, Amanda Johnson, RN3, Marlianne Asuncion, Supervisor3, Olga F. Goldberg, MD2 Stanford, Department of Neurology
Identifying Best Practices For Early Identification of Sepsis: A Retrospective Analysis of Current Sepsis Screening Protocols at Stanford Hospital Christina Lalani, MD; Lisa Shieh, MD, PhD Stanford, Department of Internal Medicine
Improving Bedside Care of Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Patients Sara Pavitt, MD; Alison Carley, RN and the LPCH Brain and Behavior Nursing Group, Gustavo Chavarria-Ortiz MD, Brenda Porter, MD Juliet Knowles, MD, PhD Stanford, Department of Neurology

Planning Committee

RSC Steering Committee

  • Alpa Vyas, VP
  • Amy Lu, M.D.
  • Barbara Mayer, RN
  • Carl Gold, M.D.
  • Christine Henley, RN
  • David Larson, M.D.
  • Hirut Truneh, M.D.
  • Karen Frush, BSN, MD, CPPS
  • Katie Kvam, M.D.
  • Lance Downing, M.D.
  • Larry Katznelson, M.D.
  • Lauren Destino, M.D.
  • Lisa Shieh, M.D., PhD
  • Nilushka Melnick
  • Patty Duhon, RN
  • Sam Shen, M.D.
  • Sharon Hampton, RN
  • Stephanie Harman, MD
  • Tom Caruso, MD


RSC Executive Committee

  • Justin Slade, M.D. (outgoing co-chair)
  • Katherine Werbaneth, M.D. (outgoing co-chair)
  • Swati Yanamadala, M.D. (incoming co-chair)
  • Haley Manella, M.D. (incoming co-chair)
  • Lisa Shieh, M.D. , PhD, FHM (Program Director)


Graduate Medical Education Office

  • Larry Katznelson, M.D.  Associate Dean for GME
  • Ann Dohn, MA, Director, GME
  • Alexandra Belichenko-Azar– Administrative Asst.
  • Thang “Trey” Huynh-Ngo—Project Coordinator


Event Coordinator

  • Luisa Fernandez - Project Coordinator


Judging Committee


  • Anuradha Phadke
  •  Steven  Chinn
  •  David Crichton
  •  Patrice Duhon
  •  Benjamin  Elkins
  •  Karen Frush
  •  Laleh Gharahbaghian
  •  Carl Gold
  •  Eric Hadhazy
  •  Paul A. Heidenreich
  •  Marisa  Holubar
  •  John Ratliff
  •  Alexandra (Sasha) Madison


  • Jake Mickelsen
  •  Shelagh  Nolan
  •  Allen  Orsi
  •  Lisa  Schilling
  •  Stacy Serber
  •  Jay Shah
  •  Christopher Sharp
  •  Nivedita Srinivas
  •  Octavio Villa
  •  Alpa Vyas
  • Ann Weinacker
  •  Laurice Yang


  • Fahmeedah Kamal
  •  Ruth Fanning
  •  Jason Francis
  •  Hirut Truneh
  • Larry  Katznelson
  •  Sara Goldhaber
  •  Sharon Hampton
  •  Margaret Smith
  •  Thomas Caruso
  •  Marie Wang
  •  Neera Ahuja
  •  Michelle DeNatale

Chief Judges

  • Lisa Shieh, MD, PhD, FHM
  • Lauren Destino, MD
  • Sam Shen, MD
  • Amy Lu, MD


Student Team Judges

  • David Larson, MD, MBA                                                                               
  • Tricia Britt, MSN, RN, CNS, NEA-BC


Multispecialty Judges

  • Paul Maggio, , MD, MBA, FACS 
  • Barbara Meyer, PhD, RN, , PhD RN, CNS, CPHQ CNS,CPHQ