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Postdoc Applicants

Postdoctoral applicants should email Stanley Qi for inquiry of positions. Please send a single file including CV and a summary of proposed research topics. The applicants should be prepared to send reference letters. 

Graduate Students

Current graduate students enrolled at all Stanford programs (PhD, MD, PhD/MD) are welcome to contact Stanley Qi for opportunities in the lab. Please send a CV in pdf formation.

Visiting Students

Summer research opportunities are available in partner with Stanford programs.  Please state financial support and visa requirements. 

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Stanley Qi Lab

290 Jane Stanford Way
Stanford CA, 94305
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Lab Address

Stanley Qi Lab

290 Jane Stanford Way

ChEM-H/Neuroscience Building W117

Stanford, CA 94305-4125


Stanley Qi        650-498-9986

    Admin                650-724-9615    

Lab twitter      @stanleyqilab



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