Outline: Quality Improvement


Lisa Shieh, MD, PhD


Anu Phadke, MD

Amelia Sattler, MD

Objectives and Goals

Quality Improvement is an application area in the Scholarly Concentration program. The goals of our program are to expose students to the primary issues in the field of Quality Improvement, and give them the tools to begin addressing these through hands-on field research. Some specific goals include:

  1. Expose students to quality improvement methodology
  2. Engage students in quality improvement projects as a part of their medical education
  3. Promote excellence in the areas of hospital metric data analysis and implementation science
  4. Prepare students to deliver safe and high-value care in the future
  5. Promote scholarship in QI


Students who pursue Quality Improvement are required to complete a total of 6 units which may be fulfilled by attending courses in the Course Work  page.