About our Research

Stanford is among the most vibrant research institutions in the world.   Our T32 grant "Stanford Training Program in Lung Biology" supports fellows who are committed to pursuing a research career in their third and optional fourth years of fellowship.   Stanford was recently awarded one of only eight NIH/NHLBI Physician Scientist K12 Awards for a Career Development Program in Omics of Lung Diseases, with our K12 program focused on Pulmonary Vascular Disease. In addition to training opportunities with senior mentors within the PCCM Division, our fellows may pursue specialized research training in top-flight laboratories throughout the vibrant Stanford University campus, where exceptional opportunities exist for research training in such diverse fields as genomics, stem cell research, immunology, vascular biology and the microbiome.  

To help fellows with career planning, every fellow is assigned a faculty mentor within 4 months of arriving.  We hold a research retreat in the winter of Year 1, and have dedicated research planning meetings with fellowship leadership to support selecting a research direction.