Information for New Patients

Once your child is referred by a health care provider, our team will determine if your child is a stem cell transplant candidate.

Our Financial Coordinators will ask you for detailed insurance information to begin the insurance review process.

Family Handbook
You will receive a copy of our family handbook. It contains very detailed information about what will happen before, during and after your child’s transplant.

Initial consultation
We will schedule an extensive consultation that will usually take place 2-3 weeks after the referral has been submitted. This visit will include, but is not limited to:

  • A review of your child’s clinical status by one of our doctors
  • A psychosocial assessment with a social worker
  • Physical assessment 
  • A family conference 
  • A tour of the facility

After this visit, one of our Stem Cell Transplant program doctors will

  • Determine if your child is a transplant candidate
  • Notify your family and your child’s referring health care provider 
  • Recommend continued work up for transplant.

Pre-transplant Process

If your child is confirmed as a stem cell transplant candidate and your family decides to proceed with the transplant, a number of activities will take place prior to the transplant.

Nurse coordinator
We will assign your child a nurse coordinator (NC). The NC will manage the overall organization of your child’s care. This includes:

  • Pre-transplant testing
  • The treatment schedule

Family Conference
Once you have had time to review the handbook and talk to your family, our team will meet with your child and family to get your permission (consent) for the transplant. During the consent process:

  • An attending stem cell transplant doctor will review the risks and potential benefits of a transplant
  • The doctor, nurse coordinator, social worker and research nurse will answer any questions that your child or family may have.
  • The doctor will review the proposed treatment plan (protocol)

Once the consent process and the pre-Transplant work up is complete and donor clearance is received the child will be admitted for Stem Cell Transplant.

Stem Cell Transplant Patient Rooms and Facility

  • Stem Cell Transplant services are provided in the Bass Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Diseases. The Bass Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Diseases has consolidated into a single location most services necessary to diagnose and treat stem cell transplant patients and other patients with cancer and blood disorders. This approach
  • Limits the need for families to navigate within the hospital
  • Helps families develop a sense of familiarity and comfort with their environment and their health care team

The Bass Center has: 

  • A lounge area with
    • A small children’s library and toys
    • Televisions
    • Internet access
    • A kitchen
  • A 15-bed inpatient unit for hematology and oncology patients
  • An outpatient clinic for stem cell transplant, hematology and oncology patients
  • A procedure room
  • Its own blood draw (phlebotomy) and laboratory services
  • A fully equipped day hospital with nine beds and an infusion area
  • A specialized pharmacy

The Bass Center is equipped with HEPA filters. These fiberglass filters trap very small pollutants and particles. A special water purification system also helps to protect patients from infection during chemotherapy and stem cell transplant.

Bass Center has 12 private, dedicated hospital rooms for stem cell transplant patients and their families.
Our patient rooms are designed to provide the high level of care our patients require in a comfortable environment. The rooms include:

  • A queen-sized fold-out daybed for two parents
  • Television
  • DVD player
  • Bathtub
  • Internet access