ACF Forms and Administrative Documents

The ACF Appointments and Promotions Committee urges all ACF to review Chapter Six and Department Guidelines, including the current End-of-Year Department Letter. The A&P Committee assumes all ACF are aware of their responsibilities and are in compliance with applicable provisions. We ask any member who wishes to dispute a decision made by the A&P Committee to review the Department's Policy on Resolution of Disputes.

Online Annual Service Report Form

All active members of the ACF are required to file an annual service report form. Emeriti are not required but the Department requests emeriti who continue to donate service also complete a report. You can access the online form at Service Report. Completed forms go only to the ACF A&P Committee.

School of Medicine Faculty Handbook

Chapter 6 of the Faculty Handbook is the part that shows all of the requirements for Adjunct Clinical Faculty.  You can read Chapter 6 or download a pdf file of Chapter 6: Adjunct Clinical Faculty (ACF) 6 HERE.

Online Evaluation of Adjunct Faculty Form

All members of the adjunct faculty are evaluated annually in order to maintain high quality teaching. To accomplish this, the ACF Appointments and Promotions Committee requests certain persons to complete an evaluation form annually or whenever terminating a professional relationship with a member of the adjunct faculty. Those requested to complete ACF evaluations include: psychiatry residents (both Adult and Child Divisions), psychology interns and postdoctoral fellows ( both Child and Adult Divisions), and members of the regular faculty when ACF work with the faculty but not directly with residents or other trainees.. Completed forms go only to the ACF A&P Committee. To access the form, CLICK HERE.

For paper forms, contact Diana Kim. Completed forms should be returned to:

Diana Kim
Faculty Affairs Administrator | Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University School of Medicine

Phone: (650) 498-0566