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Small Scope High Impact Projects

S2HIP initiates collaborations with community organizations to leverage departmental resources for high-impact results in underserved communities. These collaborations seek to build upon clinical and population health research observations about the need to engage community partners by deploying community participatory research principles such as mutualism, respect, and inclusion.

These nascent collaborations provide the seeds for ongoing partnerships in local communities in the greater Bay Area by inviting members of historically marginalized communities to the table to participate in the development of research questions, methods, and delivery options appropriate to their

Preliminary conversations under this initiative are underway with community arts organizations, food justice groups, sustainable transportation advocates, and environmental schools. Community Participatory Research has demonstrable success in improving health and academic outcomes outside of the ivory tower and outside of traditional clinical settings. S2HIP provides a setting and support for incubation of potential collaborations between the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and a variety of community organizations.