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Connect & Recharge

To help support well-being for our colleagues who are affected by additional stressors in the face of COVID-19, we are providing a stress check-in opportunity through "Connect & Recharge" groups. These groups are free, confidential, and are open to members of the Stanford Medicine community, including faculty, trainees, and staff at the School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care, and Stanford Children's Health/LPCH.

Connect & Recharge Groups

Connect & Recharge group sessions are offered for healthcare workers to foster mental health and resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. These discussions provide an opportunity to check-in and learn practical skills for managing stress to support your own well-being and sustain your ability to care for others. If you would like to attend one of these groups, please select the group which best fits your schedule below. You can sign up for one group or multiple groups. We are offering separate groups for faculty, residents, and staff in order to allow each of these groups to experience helpful support tailored to their specific roles.

Groups are open to all members of Stanford School of Medicine/Stanford Health Care/Stanford Children's Health, including but not limited to front line healthcare workers supporting COVID-19 patients. Groups are limited to 8 participants. 

For Faculty

Thursday, June 4 at 1pm (REGISTER)

Tuesday, June 9 at 4pm (REGISTER)

Thursday, June 11 at 1pm (REGISTER)

Special Topic:
Positive Parenting

Thursday, June 11 at 9am (REGISTER)

open to all faculty, staff, and trainees

For Residents

Please check back!

For Staff

Thursday, June 4 at 5pm (REGISTER)

Friday, June 5 at 2pm (REGISTER)

Monday, June 8 at 9am (REGISTER)

Wednesday, June 10 at 12pm (REGISTER)

Thursday, June 11 at 5pm (REGISTER)

Friday, June 12 at 12pm (REGISTER)

What to Expect

What is a "Connect and Recharge" group?

These stress check-in groups involve discussion of strategies to reduce distress and foster coping skills. Group leaders will facilitate the discussion and participants may discuss shared personal experiences and offer support to one another. These are different from formal mental health care because the source of support may be a peer with relevant experience.

What a "Connect and Recharge" group isn’t:

Although these groups may include some counseling strategies, such as providing psychoeducation, providing reflective listening and empathy, and potentially teaching some relevant coping skills, it is not the same as therapy or a clinical encounter. Though groups are led by a colleague with special mental health expertise, they are not formal healthcare. They are not a billable service. No medical record documentation will be generated. 

Is it confidential?

These are interactive group sessions with video. While group participants will be asked to respect each other’s privacy outside the group session, group members will be aware of the identity of other group members. Group leaders will maintain the confidentiality of program participants outside the group setting unless there are safety concerns for you or another individual (safety and mandatory reporting requirements still apply).

What to expect:

Plan to be in a private space for the hour, without the chance of others coming into your room, hearing the group, or seeing others on the video. Please DO plan to participate with your video camera on for the full session.

After the session begins, the group leader will briefly talk about the general format of the group, allow everyone to introduce themselves, and will lay out some general guidelines about confidentiality and about the group process. After that there will be time to talk about your current challenges, learn from peers, and connect with others.

a special thanks to our colleagues at the WellMD/WellPhD Center