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Women in Medicine: Connor Adams, PsyD

During September, we proudly feature trainees in our department for Women in Medicine Month!

Why did you pursue a career in medicine?

Being able to spend my time connecting with and supporting others is my dream career, and being a psychologist allows me to do just that. Academic medicine enables me to not only engage in clinical care but also pursue research interests, teach, mentor, and continue learning and growing.

What is your work focused on?

My work centers on therapeutic interventions that support recovery for individuals living with serious mental illness. I am passionate about increasing access to excellent person-centered and recovery-oriented care. Currently, I work on the Stanford DBT Clinic, INSPIRE Clinic, and the Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Units. In these settings, I work with individuals who experience difficulty regulating intense emotions, experience symptoms of psychosis, and/or who are seeking immediate, acute care for their mental health. In addition to clinical work, one of my favorite parts of the job is getting to work alongside graduate students and medical students, supporting their clinical and professional development.

What is the most fulfilling part of your work?

All of it! My work allows me the pleasure of seeing others change, grow, and flourish. There is something particularly meaningful about the opportunity to meet people during a moment of crisis and support them not only through recovery but beyond, helping them identify and reach their goals and ambitions. I also get to work with smart, kind, and motivated students and collogues, which helps me learn and grow every day.

What advice would you give others who are considering embarking on a career in medicine?

Remember to be patient with yourself. A career in medicine is exciting and rewarding but also full of challenges. Enjoy the moment, appreciate the small successes, and work hard but also take breaks. Also seek out (lots!) of mentors.

Connor Adams, PsyD

Women in Medicine

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