News Mentions for the week of July 8, 2024

Our faculty often provide insight on current events and topics in the news.
Explore some of the articles that they have contributed to or been quoted in recently below.

  • Stanford Report

    Sparking curiosity through disagreement

    In a spring quarter course taught by Debra Satz and Paul Brest, students learned how disagreement can deepen their awareness of others and themselves. A discussion between Stanford scholars Jeff Hancock and Anna Lembke, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, about whether social media is addictive, for example, highlighted how disputes can emerge due to differences in data and research methodology.

  • NPR

    Non-alcoholic adult beverages should have an age limit too, some researchers say

    Should non-alcoholic beverages that look or taste like beer and liquor be only for adults? Stanford researchers call for age limits on NA adult beverages, likening them to candy cigarettes. Molly Bowdring, clinical scholar, is interviewed.

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