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High School Stoked Project

The Stanford Stoked Laboratory

During the Spring Quarter, The Stanford Stoked Laboratory will evaluate the utility of the “Stoked” modules for use in other educational settings, including use in High School Curriculum.  Stanford Faculty with Stoked Seminar Graduates will analyze existing “Stoked” modules and tailor them for use in high schools.  Students and Faculty will also create new modules or adapt existing ones for earlier educational experiences of well-being and positive psychology.  We will host a group of interested high school students who will participate in the challenges and readings and provide feedback as to the utility and appropriateness of the themes and exercises from the Stoked Seminar.

PSYC 290 will be a 2 unit class for “Stoked” graduates (undergrads) to expand the teaching of the positive psychology for use in settings other than our current standard.  Undergrads would meet with faculty 1 hour per week to explore and create the curriculum.  Our guest high school students would begin meeting with the Stanford faculty and students weeks into the quarter – and begin to receive mentorship in positive psychology and to pioneer challenges, questions, and readings for “The Psychology of Stoked.” 

At the end of the quarter Stanford faculty and students will run focus groups with our guest high school students to determine which modules are useful for them, which modules need to be changed to fit them, and which modules are not relevant for them.  The Lab will use this information to develop “Stoked” modules for high school curriculum.

The guest high school students will have the opportunity to pioneer truly moving and life-changing well-being experiences.   And they will have the opportunity for interaction with Stanford faculty and mentorship from Stanford undergrads.  They will also have the opportunity to help shape a new curriculum for positive psychology for high school.

Half Moon Bay High School Student, Ethan Reicherter gets Stoked in the California surf

Stanford students will have the opportunity to create and trial new well-being experiences/exercises.  They will also learn how to create new curriculum for and learn how to mentor younger students. 

Based on the feedback and outcomes of our spring quarter pioneering, models of “The Psychology of Stoked” will be used in the Department's summer high school programs:

Students from the spring quarter PSYC 290 may play a role in the teaching and mentorship for the Stanford Summer Immersions during the Summer Quarter.


Stoked grads and high school students should contact:

Dr. Daryn Reicherter via email: dreicherter@stanford.edu    |    Dr. Shashank Joshi via email: svjoshi@stanford.edu