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Physician-Scientist Training Program

Designed for Residents, Fellows, and Medical Students Pursuing Careers as Physician-Scientists

Stanford University School of Medicine's Physician-Scientist Training Program (PSTP) serves as an umbrella program designed to integrate and maximize career development of physician-scientists across the career continuum. The program's goal is to increase the number and diversity of successful physician researchers in the U.S. workforce. The focus of the PSTP is on trainees participating in each of Stanford’s 14 individual Research Residency PSTPs across the School of Medicine as well as the Advanced Research Training at Stanford (ARTS) and Translational Research and Applied Medicine (TRAM) programs. The ARTS program enables research residents and fellows to pursue PhD training as part of their postgraduate clinical training.  The TRAM program focuses on removing barriers and communication gaps between scientists and clinicians.

Stanford also strives to provide “near peer” mentoring and training opportunities for the following educational levels: