Welcome to the Pain/Stress Neurobiology Lab Website!

The Pain/Stress Neurobiology Lab (PSNL) is a pediatric research lab based at the Stanford School of Medicine. Our research is aimed at understanding, uncovering, and preventing unnecessary childhood stress and pain by developing and implementing non-invasive testing methods.  

Historically, the lab has developed methodology for assessing pain in infants in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). One of our future aims is to potentially measure levels of stress and wellness in children in receiving care in pediatric intensive care units (PICUs) by comparing cumulative levels of cortisol and oxytocin in with levels found in healthy children. In order to do so, we are currently in the process of establishing baseline levels of hair cortisol and oxytocin concentrations in healthy children across the Bay Area.  

Our overall mission is to identify ways of measuring pain and stress in vulnerable children who do not have the language yet to ask for help.

COVID-19 Statement

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Stanford University,  Santa Clara County,  the state of California, and the National Institutes of Health have issued guidelines and have mandated certain procedures that affect our ongoing research. We have  temporarily suspended all in-person visits until we can safely resume, as our main priority is your family's health and safety.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.