Our center focuses on synergistic development and application of:

  • Key proteomic findings will be validated and the underlying mechanisms investigated in human PAH samples and rodent models (Marlene Rabinovitch, Mark Nicolls, Roham Zamanian)
  • Phospho-flow cytometry and mass spectrometry for the isotope-based analysis of antibody binding events at the single-cell level (Garry Nolan)
  • Mass spectrometry and protein arrays for the characterization of autoantibodies (William Robinson)
  • Intel peptide arrays, cytokine/chemokine arrays, and High throughput Immunophenotyping using Transcription (HIT) for profiling secreted proteins (Paul J. Utz)
  • Peptoids as antagonists and detector molecules (Thomas Kodadek)
  • Novel bioinformatic algorithms for the integration and analysis of related but disparate megasets of proteomic, genomic and clinical data (Robert Tibshirani)

Project Funding