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  • Janet Kalesnikoff

    Janet Kalesnikoff

    Director, Strategic Initiatives - Biomedical Data Science, SoM - Strategic Initiatives

    Bio Janet Kalesnikoff, PhD, is the Associate Director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (CVI). She received her PhD in Experimental Medicine from the University of British Columbia, and completed her postdoctoral training with Stephen Galli in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University. Dr. Kalesnikoff has over 15 years of experience in an academic environment; her scientific areas of expertise include immunology, molecular and cellular biology and mouse models of disease, and she has extensive grant writing, management and mentoring experience.

  • Corey Keller, MD PhD

    Corey Keller, MD PhD

    Resident in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My research has three central goals:

    1. Improving brain stimulation methods

    With the continual advancement of brain stimulation technology, there is a need to refine these techniques to generate the most focused and durable effects. I hope to develop a set of quantifiable brain network measures that will complement clinical monitoring, allowing 1) the individualization and optimization of treatment protocols and 2) the ability to monitor the progression of brain stimulation interventions.

    2. The neuroscience of psychiatric disease

    Psychiatric illnesses are some of the most common diseases, and yet our understanding of the biological etiologies are not well understood. Using a combination of fMRI, EEG, and brain stimulation, I plan to perform experiments to help identify the brain networks involved in these complex diseases.

    3. The origin of spontaneous brain oscillations

    Resting functional MRI is a non-invasive method that identifies networks that are temporally correlated in the absence of any sensory stimuli. However, the neural basis of resting fMRI is not well understood. We have the opportunity to record from the brain's of epilepsy patients undergoing surgical evaluation to study the link between direct neural signals and resting fMRI networks.

  • Sun Young Kim

    Sun Young Kim

    Program Manager of SPARK, SPARK

    Current Role at Stanford Program Manager for SPARK Translational Research Program

  • Yeuen Kim

    Yeuen Kim

    Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated) [VAPAHCS], Medicine - Med/General Internal Medicine

    Bio Dr Kim is a clinician-educator and staff physician at the Palo Alto VA, precepting residents on the VA homeless outreach rotation, managing a team of RNP/MDs supporting the medical care of veterans in four residential rehabilitation programs, and providing direct care of rural, community college, and homeless veterans through the Medical Outreach Section. Her research interests include measuring the impact of health information technology on primary care workflow in safety net settings, and improving communication skills and tolerance of ambiguity among medical trainees through the arts and humanities. After graduating with AB (Comp Lit/French) and MD from Brown University's Program in Liberal Medical Education, she completed internal medicine residency at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA and a clinical research fellowship in the Division of General Internal Medicine/SFGH at UCSF, where she obtained a Master's in Advanced Studies and was nominated for a Kaiser Teaching award in 2008.

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