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  • Rebecca Kate Miller-Kuhlmann

    Rebecca Kate Miller-Kuhlmann

    Clinical Instructor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences

    Bio Rebecca Miller-Kuhlmann, MD, is a board certified Neurologist and a Clinical Instructor of Neurology & Neurological Sciences. Her clinical interest focus on the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic conditions. She loves clinical medicine and works actively to maintain a wide-breadth of knowledge in order to best treat complex patients with multiple neurologic conditions. She was recognized with the Christine Wijman Humanism in Medicine award in 2017.

    As a former public school teacher prior to her medical career, she currently holds an honors certificate in medical education from Stanford and is passionate about medical education. She served as an education chief resident during her training and has been recognized with an Neurology Clerkship Teaching Award and the Fisher's & Dunn Teaching Award for excellence in teaching neurology to Stanford medical students. She deeply enjoys working with medical students and residents both in the classroom and in the clinic.

    Her additional academic interests include mitigation of the epidemic of physician burnout, for which she is a graduate of the American Academy of Neurology's Live Well Lead Well Leadership program and has co-developed and directs a wellness & mentorship program for neurology residents and fellows. She has also completed the Stanford CELT (clinical education leadership training) program for developing skills in quality improvement and enjoys teaching and fostering quality improvement work within the Stanford Neurology Residency.

  • Leah S. Millheiser, MD,FACOG,IF

    Leah S. Millheiser, MD,FACOG,IF

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology - General

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Research interest in the role of the central nervous system in female hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

  • Lynn Million

    Lynn Million

    Clinical Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology - Radiation Therapy

    Bio Lynn Million specializes in the treatment of cancer. She has practiced Radiation Oncology for more than 30 years. Dr. Million has a special interest in the treatment of sarcoma?s of soft tissue, bone and cartilage in children, young adolescents and adults.

  • Aaron D. Milstein

    Aaron D. Milstein

    Instructor, Neurosurgery

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Aaron Milstein studies how dynamic synapses, neuronal cellular diversity, network connectivity, and plasticity mediate learning and memory. He trained with Roger Nicoll, Jeff Magee, and Sandro Romani, employing electrophysiology, optogenetics, pharmacology, and computational modeling to investigate information processing in neuronal circuits. Currently Aaron uses modern parallel computing methods to simulate spatial memory encoding in the hippocampus and its disfunction in epilepsy.

  • Arnold Milstein

    Arnold Milstein

    Professor of Medicine (General Medical Discipline)

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Design and national demonstration of innovations in care delivery that provide more with less. Informed by research on AI-assisted clinical workflow, positive value outlier analysis and triggers of loss aversion bias among patients and clinicians.

    Research on creation of a national index of health system productivity gain.

  • Robert Mindelzun

    Robert Mindelzun

    Professor of Radiology at the Stanford University Medical Center, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Abdominal imaging,
    Mesenteries, peritoneum, omentum, pancreatic anatomy and embryology.
    Third World diseases.
    Abdominal trauma.

  • Adam S Miner Psy.D.

    Adam S Miner Psy.D.

    Instructor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    Bio Dr. Miner is an AI psychologist, who uses experimental and observational studies to improve the ability to conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize and respond to health issues. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford's Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) before joining the Department of Psychiatry as an Instructor and being awarded a Mentored Career Development Award (KL2) through Spectrum and the NIH.

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