Joshua Kirz, PhD, received his PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He trained at the UCSD School of Medicine and came to Stanford in 1998. He created a CBT program for the inpatient Psychiatry service and then transitioned to the Pain Management Center.

Dr. Kirz?s main focus is psychological evaluations of individuals suffering from chronic pain. He has a particular interest in work-related injuries (workers? compensation). Additional areas of focus include CBT, functional restoration, the mind-body connection, and student supervision and training. He developed a clinical practicum for psychology trainees at Stanford. He lectures widely on topics involving pain management and work injuries.

Clinical Focus

  • Pain Management
  • Psychology
  • Work Injuries
  • Pre-Surgical/Interventional Psychological Evaluations
  • Supervision and Training
  • pain psychology
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Academic Appointments

  • Clinical Associate Professor, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

Professional Education

  • Fellowship:University of California San Diego School of Medicine Registrar (1998) CA
  • Residency:University of California San Diego School of Medicine Registrar (1996) CA
  • PhD Training:University of Wisconsin Medical School (1996) WI


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