Aspiring physician-student currently working as a consultant and researcher at Stanford Hospital. Through my clinical and personal experiences as a Hospice volunteer and EMT, I've been inspired by people whose problems are greater than my own. My goal is to change the landscape of healthcare and ameliorate suffering through meaningful patient interactions and new technologies.

I am a certified EMT, hospice volunteer, and student at Stanford University excited to challenge myself with many unique opportunities and learning experiences. I have a background in entrepreneurship, science/technology, and healthcare, and I am hard working, creative, and adept at learning new topics. Namely, I have founded a nonprofit on impact investments in neuro-health (ImpactMed), an organization focused on Hospice and Palliative Care (SUHPaC), and a national science tournament (Golden Gate Science Olympiad). I've been involved on various projects ranging from a DKA calculator estimated to reduce readmission by 45% and save the hospital $78,000 dollars a year, a study analyzing patient perspectives in OR communication, and understanding the efficacy of telemedicine at Stanford's clickwell clinics.

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