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  • Vishal Gautham Venkataraaman

    Vishal Gautham Venkataraaman

    Senior Software Developer, Microbiology and Immunology - Baxter Labs

    Current Role at Stanford Currently working at the Baxter labs - Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy(Nolan lab) and involved in the development of Software for research on single-cell analysis to study cancer and leukemia, autoimmunity, hematopoiesis and inflammation. Also, working closely with an external collaborator, Akoya Biosciences Inc.

    1. Developing computer vision, clustering, image analysis and image processing applications in Java, ImageJ.
    2. Designing web applications using RESTful APIs for different components of the software pipeline in Angular 6, Material 6, Typescript, Spring boot, Java, MongoDB.
    3. Writing & designing test cases, unit and integration tests for the Nolan lab version of the Codex pipeline.
    4. Set up a private cloud infrastructure to store large sets of image data.
    5. Collecting and analyzing feedback from users, scientists, research associates from Nolan lab, other labs at Stanford Medicine and external collaborators and then drafted and created reports about the feedback received and discussed it with the external collaborators to work on new features.

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