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  • Emmanuelle Weber

    Emmanuelle Weber

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Radiological Sciences Laboratory

    Bio Dr. Emmanuelle Weber is a physicist that obtained a Ph.D. focused on the development and applications of the Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) method. She allied NMR and EPR spectroscopy studies in her research and recently joined Dr. McNab?s group to work on diffusion MRI.

  • Alexander Wilson

    Alexander Wilson

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Radiological Sciences Laboratory

    ? Cardiac anatomy and microstructure using histology and diffusion tensor MRI, and the structural underpinning of cardiac function.
    ? Ex vivo cardiac MRI, confocal microscopy, image analysis, preclinical models of cardiovascular disease, cardiac Langendorff preparations.
    ? Previously researched novel measures of diastolic function using echocardiography, and on the development of anti-thrombin nanoparticles for site-specific anticoagulation without increasing bleeding risk.
    ? Other interests include: analytics and optimization, having completed his Masters of Operations Research with a thesis titled "Optimal Electricity Distribution Tariff Design"
    ? Skills include: animal handling and surgery, MRI scanning, preclinical echocardiography, signal and image processing, programming and teaching.

    2020 WORK
    ? Investigated the relationship between cardiomyocyte branching and cellular location using extended volume confocal microscopy [Ref 1]
    ? Examined the diastolic pressure-volume relationship using both MRI and ex vivo techniques (Virtual Physiological Human Conference Abstract)
    ? The use of ACE inhibitors alters the myocardial collagen organization, reducing deposition between sheetlets [Ref 2]
    ? Published methods chapter detailing the formulation of anti-thrombin PFC nanoparticles [Ref 3]

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