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  • Robert Tibshirani

    Robert Tibshirani

    Professor of Biomedical Data Science and of Statistics

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My research is in applied statistics and biostatistics. I specialize in computer-intensive methods for regression and classification, bootstrap, cross-validation and statistical inference, and signal and image analysis for medical diagnosis.

  • Alice Ting

    Alice Ting

    Professor of Genetics, of Biology and, by courtesy, of Chemistry

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests We develop chemogenetic and optogenetic technologies for probing and manipulating protein networks, cellular RNA, and the function of mitochondria and the mammalian brain. Our technologies draw from enzyme engineering, directed evolution, chemical biology, organic synthesis, high-resolution microscopy, genetics, and computational analysis.

  • Mehlika Toy

    Mehlika Toy

    Basic Life Res Scientist, Surgery - General Surgery

    Current Role at Stanford My current duties as a Research Scientist at Stanford University include developing cost-effectiveness models to estimate clinical outcomes and program costs to inform health policy. Recently, I was commissioned by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to model the potential impact of improving chronic hepatitis B patient care and treatment in the United States. The study published by the National Academies formed the basis of a national strategy which concluded that eliminating the public health problem of CHB in the US by 2030 is feasible through strategies including linkage to care for monitoring and treatment to reduce disease complications. Subsequently, I was invited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to give a talk on the national hepatitis B model at the viral hepatitis summit in Atlanta.

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