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  • Marco Hao Hao Ji

    Marco Hao Hao Ji

    Visiting Instructor, Ophthalmology

    Bio Dr. Marco H. Ji is a visiting instructor at the Department of Ophthalmology of Stanford University. He has focused his research effort mainly on Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), one of the leading cause of pediatric blindness worldwide. Besides that, Dr. Ji had the opportunity to works with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) to understand and manage mitochondrial diseases at Mercola?s Lab.
    He was born in Italy and lived there till graduation. He attended the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome, where he earned his MD degree. The title of his thesis was ?Peripheral retinal abnormalities in patients with retinal detachment.? He is interested in clinical and surgical retinal diseases in both children and adults. He had participated in several clinical research projects involved in ROP, retinal imaging and anti-VEGFs collaborating with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and The University of Sydney. He is an investigator of the Novartis RAINBOW study. He firmly believes in the potentiality of Artificial Intelligence in improving healthcare. He loves computer sciences, even though he didn?t receive any CS education since high school he created and managed several websites, recently he developed the ophthalmology consultation system and a pre-op pediatric anesthesiologic consultation system currently used in the NICU of the Catholic University. Additionally, he has moderate-advanced expertize in Photoshop. After the completion of his postgraduate medical training, he would like to get a master in computer sciences in order to conjugate his two great passions. He adores challenges and solving problems. He speaks Italian, Chinese and English. He adores running and hiking, and he is obsessed with healthy food. He loves animals and owns an Akita.

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