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  • Michael W Gaynon

    Michael W Gaynon

    Clinical Professor, Ophthalmology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests -Retinal Vascular Disease
    -Retinopathy of Prematurity
    -Sustained Release Drug Delivery Systems

  • Jeffrey Goldberg

    Jeffrey Goldberg

    Professor of Ophthalmology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Lab research on molecular mechanisms of survival and regeneration in the visual system; retinal development and stem cell biology; nanoparticles and tissue engineering. Clinical trials in imaging, biomarker development, and neuroprotection and vision restoration in glaucoma and other neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Lucie Yueqi Guo

    Lucie Yueqi Guo

    Affiliate, Ophthalmology

    MD, University of Pennsylvania, 2018
    PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania, 2018
    Bachelor's degree, Biochemical Sciences, Harvard University, 2010

    Guo LY, Allu PK, Zandarashvili L, McKinley KL, Sekulic N, Dawicki-McKenna J, Fachinetti D, Logsdon GA, Jamiolkowski RM, Cleveland DW, Cheeseman IM, Black BE. Centromere maintenance is achieved by fastening CENP-A to DNA and directing an arginine anchor-dependent nucleosome structural transition. Nature Communications. 2017 Jun 9;8:15775.

    Stankovic A, Guo LY, Mata JF, Bodor DL, Cao XJ, Bailey AO, Shabanowitz J, Hunt DF, Garcia BA, Black BE, Jansen LE. A Dual Inhibitory Mechanism Sufficient to Maintain Cell-Cycle-Restricted CENP-A Assembly. Molecular Cell. 2017 Jan 19;65(2):231-246.

    McKinley KL, Sekulic N, Guo LY, Tsinman T, Black BE, Cheeseman IM. The CENP-L-N Complex Forms a Critical Node in an Integrated Meshwork of Interactions at the Centromere-Kinetochore Interface. Molecular Cell. 2015 Dec 17;60(6):886-98.

    Falk SJ*, Guo LY*, Sekulic N*, Smoak EM*, Mani T, Logsdon GA, Gupta K, Jansen LE, Van Duyne GD, Vinogradov SA, Lampson MA, Black BE. CENP-C reshapes and stabilizes CENP-A nucleosomes at the centromere. Science. 2015 May 8;348(6235):699-703. (*Co-first authors)

    Logsdon GA, Barrey EJ, Bassett EA, DeNizio JE, Guo LY, Panchenko T, Dawicki-McKenna JM, Heun P, Black BE. Both tails and the centromere targeting domain of CENP-A are required for centromere establishment. Journal of Cell Biology. 2015 Mar 2;208(5):521-31.

    Zasadzinska E, Huang J, Bailey AO, Guo LY, Lee NS, Srivastava S, Wong KA, French BT, Black BE, Foltz DR. Inheritance of CENP-A nucleosomes during DNA replication requires HJURP. Developmental Cell, accepted.

    Guo LY*, Alekseev O*, Li Y, Song Y, Dunaief JL. Iron increases APP translation and amyloid-beta production in the retina. Experimental Eye Research. 2014 Dec;129:31-7. (*Co-first authors)

    Chen AC, Guo LY, Ostaszewski BL, Selkoe DJ, LaVoie MJ. Aph-1 associates directly with full-length and C-terminal fragments of gamma-secretase substrates. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2010 Apr 9;285(15):11378-91.

    Wang W, Huper G, Guo Y, Murphy SK, Olson JA, Jr. and Marks JR. "Analysis of methylation-sensitive transcriptome identifies GADD45a as a frequently methylated gene in breast cancer." Oncogene. 2005 Apr 14;24(16):2705-14.

    Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Medical Honor Society (2018)
    Saul Winegrad Award for Best PhD Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania (2018)
    Charles A. Oliver Memorial Prize for highest academic performance among medical students entering ophthalmology, University of Pennsylvania (2018)
    Jeffrey Berger Medical Student Award, Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania (2017)
    P. Leslie Dutton Award for Best Publication in Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania (2015)
    NIH Individual NRSA MD/PhD F30 Fellowship, granted by NIH/NCI (2014-2016)
    Appointee, Penn Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics T32 Training Grant (2013-2014)
    Stuart L. Fine Ophthalmology Medical Student Research Prize, University of Pennsylvania (2015)
    Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize for outstanding undergraduate thesis, Harvard University (2010)
    Harvard College Scholar for top 10% GPA (2008-­2009, 2005­-2006)
    Weissman International Internship Program fellowship, Harvard University (2009)
    Dean?s Summer Research Award for undergraduate thesis research, Harvard University (2008)
    First place, National Siemens Westinghouse Team Competition (2005)
    First place, sanofi­ aventis International BioGENEius Challenge (2005)


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