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  • Ahmet F Coskun

    Ahmet F Coskun

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Microbiology and Immunology

    Bio Ahmet receives postdoctoral training at Stanford in Single Cell Proteomics and Epigenomics with Prof. Garry Nolan. Previously trained at Caltech-BRI in Single Cell Genomics and Immuno-Oncology, and earned doctoral degree at UCLA in Single Cell Imaging Instrumentation and Analysis with HHMI Prof. Aydogan Ozcan.

    In addition to research advancements, he is extremely passionate about teaching students who will become the future leaders, researchers, and scientists. He believes that transferring experience to the next-generation is crucial to assure the continuation of knowledge, idealism, and impact. He promotes the use of Bioart and Nanoart for teaching. He supports Entrepreunership efforts of his students in especially biotechnology. He shares recent resources on academic mentoring in his Science Professionalism web blog. Finally, he is deeply committed to Open Science vision to liberate scientific progress.

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