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  • David Breslow

    David Breslow

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Molecular and Cellular Physiology

    Bio Following undergraduate research in chemical biology with Stuart Schreiber at Harvard, I did my graduate work at UCSF under the mentorship of Jonathan Weissman. At UCSF, I developed new technologies for quantitative, systematic genetic approaches in budding yeast. I then used functional genomics and biochemical approaches to define the role of Orm family proteins in a novel feedback pathway that matches cellular production of sphingolipids to metabolic demand.

    My current focus as a post-doctoral fellow with Maxence Nachury is to understand the functions of the mammalian primary cilium. I first established an in vitro system for analysis of cilia in semi-permeabilized cells, using this approach to characterize a diffusion barrier that partitions the cilium from the cell body. More recently, I have developed and applied functional genomics approaches to dissect cilium-dependent signal transduction in the Hedgehog pathway. In particular, I have developed a CRISPR-based genome-scale screening platform for identification and functionally characterization of cellular factors needed cilium function and Hedgehog signaling.

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