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  • Kitch Wilson

    Kitch Wilson

    Instructor, Pathology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests I'm interested in both basic and translational cardiovascular biology, regenerative medicine and genomics. Much of my work merges next generation sequencing (NGS) with iPS cell models to find and characterize primate-specific elements within the noncoding genome (lncRNAs, transposable elements, enhancers). Some of these primate elements appear to regulate heart development, disease and even evolution, and with the enormous growth in pluripotent cell technologies their functions can now be experimentally studied. In translational work, I'm developing custom targeted NGS assays for identifying the DNA mutations that underlie cardiomyopathies and other heart diseases.

  • Monte Winslow

    Monte Winslow

    Associate Professor of Genetics and of Pathology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Our laboratory uses genome-wide methods to uncover alterations that drive cancer progression and metastasis in genetically-engineered mouse models of human cancers. We combine cell-culture based mechanistic studies with our ability to alter pathways of interest during tumor progression in vivo to better understand each step of metastatic spread and to uncover the therapeutic vulnerabilities of advanced cancer cells.

  • Bing Melody Zhang

    Bing Melody Zhang

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Pathology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My main research interests lie in the following areas:

    1) Using genetic/genomic approaches to study the genotype-phenotype correlation of inherited non-malignant hematologic disorders, especially platelet disorders.
    2) Development and application of molecular assays for clinical testing to support hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and solid organ transplantation.
    3) NGS-based TCR/Ig clonality/MRD diagnostic testing.
    4) HLA-related disease association and pharmacogenetic testing.

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