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  • Samuel Ricardo Saenz

    Samuel Ricardo Saenz

    Support Group Facilitator, Psych/General Psychiatry and Psychology (Adult)

    Bio Sam Saenz received his MD degree from UC Irvine and MPH from UC Berkeley before returning to his alma mater for psychiatry residency. His research focus is mental health disparities impacting Latino populations. His career interests include social determinants of health, community psychiatry, and addiction psychiatry.

  • Debra Safer

    Debra Safer

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (General Psychiatry and Psychology-Adult)) at the Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Primary research interests include the nature and treatment of eating disorders
    (particularly bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder), the development and treatment of obesity, and the development and treatment of problematic eating patterns in patients following bariatric surgery.

  • Katherine Sanborn

    Katherine Sanborn

    Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    Bio Dr Katherine Sanborn specializes in the treatment of psychiatric inpatients. She has practiced Psychiatry for more than 15 years. Dr. Sanborn has a special interests in residency education, psychotherapy training, administration and developmental psychopathology.

  • Vidushi Savant

    Vidushi Savant

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Neural networks and AI for behavioral health applications

  • Alan F. Schatzberg

    Alan F. Schatzberg

    Kenneth T. Norris, Jr. Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Biological bases of depressive disorders;, glucocorticoid/dopamine interactions in delusional depression;, pharmacologic treatment of depressive disorders.

  • Mariana Schmajuk

    Mariana Schmajuk

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    Bio Mariana Schmajuk received her medical school education at Boston University School of Medicine in 2012. She completed her General Adult Psychiatry Residency program Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York in 2016, serving as Chief Resident with a focus on the early transition from medical school to residency. She went on to complete her Consult-Liaison fellowship at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University Medical Center in 2017.

    Dr. Schmajuk joined Stanford University CLP team in 2017. She is a primary member of the emergency medicine consultations, working collaboratively with a nurse practioner, social worker and residents. Clinically, Dr. Schmajuk focuses on treating patients with terminal neurological disorders and oncological processes. Dr. Schmajuk is the director of the Psychosomatic Continuity clinic where residents and fellows are able to assess and longitudinally treat patients with psychiatric sequela in the context of complex medical illness. She has a particular interest in brief psychotherapeutic interventions. She enjoys teaching medical students about CL psychiatry and interviewing skills. At present, Dr. Schmajuk is using techniques of applied improvisation to educate psychiatry residents and others about the building blocks of communication. She also is an active member of the bioethics committee.

  • Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider

    Adjunct Professor, Psych/General Psychiatry and Psychology (Adult)

    Bio Bret Schneider specializes in brain neuromodulation technologies for interventional psychiatry, neurology and regenerative medicine. He has designed, built and tested more than one hundred medical instruments, from computerized surgical navigation systems to implantable devices and biologics. As a technology company leader, he has founded and built several start-ups, including venture-capital-backed Cervel Neurotech Inc. Bret earned a BA cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis, an MD degree from Rush University in Chicago, and graduated a clinical residency in Psychiatry at UCLA. He subsequently completed a post-doctoral fellowship in neurosurgical stereotactic radiosurgery and a post-doctoral fellowship in Advanced Psychiatry, both at Stanford University. Presently, he is Chief Medical Officer for Zap Surgical Systems, Inc., where he is developing stereotactic radiosurgery as a method for precise, non-destructive, non-invasive modulation of dysfunctional brain circuits. Bret is also Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosurgery at Stanford University. He maintains a clinical medical practice focused on repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS).

  • Katharine Edwards

    Katharine Edwards

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Potential impact of brief behavioral interventions to improve adjustment, coping, medical adherence, and cardiovascular health among cardiac patients.

    Psychosocial challenges of patients with spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD).

    Assessment and training in evidence-based psychological therapies.

  • Shebani Sethi Dalai MD

    Shebani Sethi Dalai MD

    Clinical Instructor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Clinical and academic interests are in the management of psychiatric disorders with co-morbid obesity and treatment of eating disorders, particularly binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa. Improving metabolic and mental health through dietary interventions, pharmacological optimization, and other lifestyle means in those with severe mental illness is another major focus of her research.

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