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  • Kristin Jensen

    Kristin Jensen

    Associate Professor of Pathology at the Palo Alto Veteran's Health Care System and at Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests I am a clinical translational investigator with a primary interest in breast cancer biology, and the use of investigational and clinical ancillary techniques such as gene and tissue microarray analysis and immunohistochemistry in the diagnosis and prognosis of this disease. As a practicing cytopathologist, I also have an interest in improving the fine needle aspiration biopsy diagnosis of breast lesions, again using immunohistochemistry and gene expression analysis as adjuncts to cytomorphology.

  • Rohan Prakash Joshi

    Rohan Prakash Joshi

    Instructor, Pathology

    Bio Dr. Joshi is an instructor in molecular pathology, with training in clinical data science, molecular pathology, and clinical pathology. His clinical focus is molecular diagnostics for solid and hematologic neoplasms, and as part of Stanford Medicine's Molecular Genetic Pathology laboratory, Dr. Joshi has developed bioinformatic tools to monitor tumor mutation burden and gene/chromosome copy number variation from focused targeted sequencing panels. Dr. Joshi's research focuses on understanding the tumor-immune microenvironment by developing tools that connect underlying next-generation sequencing findings to computational image microscopy phenotypes.

  • Marisa Juntilla

    Marisa Juntilla

    Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Pathology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My research goal is to reveal novel biology in leukemia that links cancer cell metabolism to protein translation, ultimately providing new opportunities for personalized medicine and reduced chemotherapeutic toxicity.

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