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  • Felix J. Hartmann

    Felix J. Hartmann

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Pathology

    Bio Dr. Hartmann received a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany and his PhD from the University of Zurich, Switzerland for his research on T cell effector functions in human autoimmune diseases. Following his time in Zurich, Dr. Hartmann has joined Stanford University School of Medicine as a postdoctoral fellow. He is supported by fellowships from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), the Novartis Foundation for biomedical research, and EMBO.

    Dr. Hartmann?s research focuses on combining single-cell and imaging proteomic technologies (mass cytometry and multiplexed ion beam imaging) with novel biological assays to reveal tumor-immune cell interactions that impact clinical outcome in human cancer. Most recently, he has developed a novel approach that enables analysis of cellular metabolism in individual cells and with spatial resolution in human tissues.

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