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  • Soujanya Gade

    Soujanya Gade

    Affiliate, Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology

    Bio Soujanya is currently working on her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Palo Alto University. She hopes to study health outcomes and neural mechanisms in neurodevelopmental disorders such as Fragile X syndrome and autism spectrum disorders under the mentorship of Dr. Frederick Chin. She is particularly interested in neocortical circuitry and the connections between cortical processing and physiological factors in fragile x syndrome. Soujanya earned her master's degree in Child and Family Development from San Diego State University and has a B.S. in Psychology from University of Washington, Seattle. Her master?s thesis study focused on cognitive development and adaptive outcomes in children with autism. Soujanya has experience working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, chronic pain conditions and mental health diagnoses in both research and clinical settings.

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