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  • Zinaida Good

    Zinaida Good

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stanford Cancer Center

    Bio Zinaida Good is specializing in computational immunology, cancer immunotherapy, and lymphocyte development. She is a new Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy Scholar who started her postdoctoral training with Crystal Mackall (CAR T cells) and Sylvia Plevritis (Cancer Systems Biology) at Stanford University in April 2018. During her Ph.D. studies in Computational & Systems Immunology at Stanford University, she trained with Garry Nolan and Sean Bendall. Her projects included: (1) predicting clinical outcomes for children with leukemia based on single-cell mass cytometry data; (2) guiding T-cell differentiation in the context of ex vivo expansion for cancer immunotherapy applications; and (3) comparing dimensionality reduction methods for single-cell data. Her background is in immunology (B.Sc. and M.Sc. from University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada) and oncology (she worked in Discovery Oncology at Genentech for 2 years). Her long-term interest is in the systems-level events required for a coordinated immune attack against cancer, as such insights can be applied to benefit patients by boosting the attack efficacy of endogenous or engineered immune cells.

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