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  • Ning Deng

    Ning Deng

    Senior Research Scientist, Genetics

    Current Role at Stanford Senior Research Scientist

    Lab Manager

  • Barbara L Dunn

    Barbara L Dunn

    Senior Biocuration Scientist, Genetics

    Bio I'm a Senior Biocuration Scientist in the Department of Genetics at Stanford University, currently working with the Saccharomyces Genome Database in the laboratory of Dr. J. Michael Cherry. I received my A.B. in Botany at UC Berkeley, and my Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry at Harvard University, where I studied yeast telomeres in the laboratory of Dr. Jack Szostak. My recent bench research has focused on using whole-genome DNA and RNA sequencing, ChIP-Seq, array-CGH, and other ?omics? methods to broadly explore evolution in yeast, and particularly the genome structures and genome evolution of industrial yeasts (lager, ale, wine, ethanol, bread).

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