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  • Timothy Meyer

    Timothy Meyer

    Stanford University Professor of Nephrology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Inadequate removal of uremic solutes contributes to widespread illness in the more than 350,000 Americans maintained on hemodialysis. But we know remarkably little about these solutes. Dr. Meyer's research efforts are focused on identifying which uremic solutes are toxic, how these solutes are made, and how their production could be decreased or their removal could be increased. We should be able to improve treatment if we knew more about what we are trying to remove.

  • Bryan Myers

    Bryan Myers

    Professor of Medicine (Nephrology), Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests A novel approach is used to evaluate glomerular disease in humans, and its progression. A combination of physiologic techniques, a morphometric analysis of glomeruli obtained by biopsy, and mathematical modeling of glomerular ultrafiltration is used to quantify the extent of glomerular injury in humans for the first time.

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