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  • Taia T Wang

    Taia T Wang

    Assistant Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and of Microbiology and Immunology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Studies in our lab are driven by the hypothesis that IgG repertoire diversity is a central driver of heterogeneity in human immune functioning and susceptibility to diseases. We are specifically interested in diversity that exists in the Fc domain repertoire among people, which we define by serum IgG subclass and Fc glycoform distributions. We have found that the Fc domain repertoire of an individual impacts key immune processes such as vaccine responses and susceptibility to antibody-dependent enhancement of dengue disease (Wang TT, Cell. 2015 and Wang TT, Science. 2017). This is because IgG subclasses and Fc glycoforms dictate the structure of Fc domains within immune complexes that form during vaccination or infection. This, in turn, determines the affinity of immune complexes for various Fc receptors on effector cells. Thus, our research seeks to define how the Fc domain repertoire of an individual determines the quality of effector cell responses that can be recruited during immune activation.

    We are particularly interested in training students and postdocs who will go on to be independent investigators in mechanistic studies relevant to human disease.

    Current clinical studies:

    An Open Label Study of IgG Fc Glycan Composition in Human Immunity
    Principal Investigator: Taia T. Wang, MD, PhD Identifier:

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