Current Role at Stanford

I'm a member of IRT's Application Services team with focus on architecting and integrating Web and cloud based solutions for Stanford University and in particular for the School of Medicine (SoM). Solution space includes administrative, technical, infrastructural and research applications and processes. As a team, we partner with other groups from IRT, the University at large, Stanford related Hospitals and other business and research participating organizations to build, provide and support our solutions. We own development and release processes, set architecture standards, and run our development and QA environments.



  • Stanford Profiles (CAP/CAP-API), Stanford University (ongoing), Stanford University (9/6/2016 - Present)

    Stanford Profiles is a website representing profiling the faculty, postdocs, staff, and students at Stanford University. The project began in 2004 in the School of Medicine as their Community Academic Profiles (CAP) system. Links: and


    Stanford, CA

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