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  • Mentoring the Next Generation of Faculty: Supporting Academic Career Aspirations Among Doctoral Students RESEARCH IN HIGHER EDUCATION Curtin, N., Malley, J., Stewart, A. J. 2016; 57 (6): 714?38
  • The differential impact of discrimination on health among Black and White women SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH Versey, H., Curtin, N. 2016; 57: 99?115


    Despite a large body of research examining the impact of discrimination on health, the ways in which perceived discrimination may lead to disparate health outcomes through a sense of self and system consciousness is less understood. The current paper is concerned with both mental and physical health consequences of discrimination, as well as mediating pathways among African American and White women. Indirect effects analyses examine mediating paths from discrimination to health outcomes via structural awareness and self-esteem, using data from the Women's Life Path Study (N = 237). Our findings suggest that discrimination is both directly and indirectly associated with health outcomes for both Black and White women, mediated by individual (self-esteem) and group-level (structural awareness) processes. Evidence from this study indicates that discrimination is associated with heightened structural awareness, as well as lower self-esteem - both of which are related to poorer health. Discrimination negatively affected health across three domains, although the mechanisms varied somewhat for Black and White women. Broad implications of this research for interdisciplinary scholarship on the effects of discrimination on health and health disparities are discussed.

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  • Ally development and programming Curtin, N., Russell, G. Sage University Press. 2016 ; Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies. Thousand
  • Fostering Academic Self-Concept: Advisor Support and Sense of Belonging Among International and Domestic Graduate Students AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL Curtin, N., Stewart, A. J., Ostrove, J. M. 2013; 50 (1): 108?37
  • Fostering research collaborations in LGBT psychology: an introduction to the special issue PSYCHOLOGY & SEXUALITY Curtin, N., Hegarty, P., Stewart, A. J. 2012; 3 (3): 187?94
  • Social Class and Belonging: Implications for Graduate Students' Career Aspirations JOURNAL OF HIGHER EDUCATION Ostrove, J. M., Stewart, A. J., Curtin, N. L. 2011; 82 (6): 748-+
  • Understanding What Students Bring to the Classroom: Moderators of the Effects of Diversity Courses on Student Attitudes CULTURAL DIVERSITY & ETHNIC MINORITY PSYCHOLOGY Cole, E. R., Case, K. A., Rios, D., Curtin, N. 2011; 17 (4): 397?405


    We investigated the impact of required diversity courses on students' understanding of racial inequality and their social development with regard to racial outgroups, with a specific focus on the effects of student race and empathy as moderators of diversity course effectiveness. First-semester students (N = 173), enrolled in either diversity courses or introduction to psychology, completed surveys at the beginning and end of the semester. Diversity courses increased understanding of White privilege, acknowledgment of blatant racism, and intersectional consciousness overall, but had a greater impact on intersectional consciousness for White students compared with students of color. White students taking diversity courses experienced a reduction in Protestant work ethic ideology that was absent for White students in psychology courses and for all students of color. Notably, empathy moderated the effect of diversity courses on both outgroup comfort and willingness to act to promote diversity.

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  • Femininity Ideology and Sexual Health in Young Women: A focus on Sexual Knowledge, Embodiment, and Agency INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEXUAL HEALTH Curtin, N., Ward, L., Merriwether, A., Caruthers, A. 2011; 23 (1): 48?62
  • Evaluating a Curriculum Aimed at Improving Attitudes of Pre-Health Professional Students toward Persons with Disabilities Annals of Behavioral Science and Medical Education Miller, S., Curtin, N. 2011; 17 (1): 14-17

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