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  • A prospective 5-year study of exercise performance following Melody valve implant. American heart journal Priromprintr, B., Silka, M. J., Rhodes, J., Batra, A. S. 2018; 209: 47?53


    BACKGROUND: The long-term benefits of Melody valve implant for right ventricular outflow tract conduit obstruction or insufficiency on exercise capacity are undefined.METHODS: As part of the Melody valve clinical trial, 136 patients with congenital heart disease underwent serial cardiopulmonary exercise testing prior to, 6 months after, and annually for up to 5 years postimplant.RESULTS: Mean age at Melody valve implantation was 22.4 0.9 years (range 7-53 years). The 95 patients who completed the study protocol provide the basis of this report. An initial improvement in % predicted workload was present at 6 months postimplant; however, at the final (5 year) follow-up, sustained or further improvements in workload were not demonstrated for the entire cohort compared to baseline. By subgroup analysis, age <17 years at implant and pulmonary regurgitation as the primary lesion were variables associated with sustained improvement in exercise performance. There were sustained improvements in the ventilatory equivalents for O2 (minute ventilation/O2 intake, P = .01) and CO2 (minute ventilation/CO2 output, P < .01) at the ventilatory anaerobic threshold at the study conclusion. Improvements in forced vital capacity were also observed during the study but not sustained at the final follow-up.CONCLUSIONS: A cautious appraisal of the cardiovascular benefits of Melody valve implant on sustained improvements in exercise performance appears warranted. Although the observed changes in pulmonary function suggest improved restrictive lung physiology and more efficient gas exchange, after an initial increase in % predicted performance, neither sustained nor further improvements in exercise performance were observed, except in specific patient subgroups.

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