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  • Martin (Marinus) Willemink

    Martin (Marinus) Willemink

    Instructor, Radiology

    Bio As a physician, epidemiologist, biomedical engineer and scientist, I am optimizing healthcare by translating clinical needs into technical solutions. I am working at Stanford University and have 8 years of research and clinical experience in radiology.

    My clinical experience as a physician in diagnostic radiology and research experience in the field of cardiovascular and chest imaging allow me to recognize medical shortcomings. While my technical background with a PhD (cum laude) in the application of medical image reconstruction allows me to solve these with adequate technical solutions.

    I have leadership experience from active involvement in multiple (inter)national scientific organizations, co-directing educational courses, and supervising >15 graduate students.

    I have published >70 peer-reviewed papers, have been invited to present >15 lectures at international scientific meetings, am a Fulbright laureate and received >$300,000 of funding from the American Heart Association, Philips Healthcare, Stanford University and more. I am designated as a Fellow of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT), co-director of the UMC Utrecht Spectral CT Academy, and an active member of multiple European and North American clinical scientific societies. My work has been recognized with awards from the Radiological Society of North America, European Society of Radiology, Society of Thoracic Radiology, European Society of Thoracic Imaging, among others.

  • Alexander Wilson

    Alexander Wilson

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Radiological Sciences Laboratory

    ? Cardiac anatomy and microstructure using histology and diffusion tensor MRI, and the structural underpinning of cardiac function.
    ? Ex vivo cardiac MRI, confocal microscopy, image analysis, preclinical models of cardiovascular disease, cardiac Langendorff preparations.
    ? Previously researched novel measures of diastolic function using echocardiography, and on the development of anti-thrombin nanoparticles for site-specific anticoagulation without increasing bleeding risk.
    ? Other interests include: analytics and optimization, having completed his Masters of Operations Research with a thesis titled "Optimal Electricity Distribution Tariff Design"
    ? Skills include: animal handling and surgery, MRI scanning, preclinical echocardiography, signal and image processing, programming and teaching.

    2020 WORK
    ? Investigated the relationship between cardiomyocyte branching and cellular location using extended volume confocal microscopy [Ref 1]
    ? Examined the diastolic pressure-volume relationship using both MRI and ex vivo techniques (Virtual Physiological Human Conference Abstract)
    ? The use of ACE inhibitors alters the myocardial collagen organization, reducing deposition between sheetlets [Ref 2]
    ? Published methods chapter detailing the formulation of anti-thrombin PFC nanoparticles [Ref 3]

  • Max Wintermark

    Max Wintermark

    Professor of Radiology (Neuroimaging and Neurointervention) and, by courtesy, of Neurology, of Neurosurgery and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University Medical Center

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Stroke, cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, carotid arteries, coronary arteries
    Stroke diagnosis, stroke triage, stroke treatment
    Traumatic brain injury
    Traumatic brain injury diagnosis and prognosis
    Psychiatric disorders, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorders
    Movement disorders, including essential tremor and Parkinson?s tremor
    Brain tumors
    Image-guided clinical trials
    CT, multidetector-row CT, perfusion-CT, CT angiography
    MRI, diffusion-weighted MRI, perfusion-weighted MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, functional MRI
    Brain perfusion imaging techniques
    Functional imaging
    Post-processing techniques of medical images, signal and image processing
    3D visualization
    MR-guided focused ultrasound

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