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  • John Hunter

    John Hunter

    Resident in Radiology

    Bio John Hunter grew up in Scotts Valley, California. He attended college at University of Minnesota, where he majored in Biochemistry. After graduation, John continued work at the University hospital where he coordinated procurement of tissue samples with patients, medical staff, and investigators to directly facilitate more than 50 active research studies. John then attended Chicago Medical School where he found interest diagnostic imaging as it offered a means to impact a wide spectrum of pathology. Outside of radiology, John enjoys mountain biking in the Santa Cruz mountains and watching the Minnesota Vikings dominate the NFC North division on Sundays.

  • Gloria Hwang, MD

    Gloria Hwang, MD

    Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Interventional oncology, pancreatic interventions, image-guided gene therapy.

  • Dongwoon Hyun

    Dongwoon Hyun

    Research Engineer, Rad/Pediatric Radiology

    Bio My research interests are focused on developing and implementing novel beamforming techniques to improve the quality and diagnostic value of ultrasound images. Current projects include improving image quality in difficult-to-image patients, enhancing the sensitivity of molecular contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging, reducing common artifacts in ultrasound imaging using machine learning-based methods, and the rapid translation of these techniques onto real-time ultrasound imaging systems using GPU-based computing.

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