Arian Lundberg, Ph.D. MSc. is a Post-Doctoral scholar at the Department of Radiation Oncology of Stanford University.

Dr. Lundberg awarded his Ph.D. in Medical Bioinformatics, focusing on the transcriptional gene expression signatures in breast cancer from Karolinska Institute - Sweden. He mainly worked with data derived from clinically annotated cancer specimens of Swedish and International breast cancer cohorts. During his Ph.D. Dr. Lundberg acquired knowledge about molecular biomarkers for prognostication and prediction of treatment response in breast cancer.

He holds two Master's of Science degrees in Bioinformatics from Lund University - Sweden and Computational Biophysics/Biochemistry from Stockholm University - Sweden, respectively.

Dr. Lundberg is currently working in Prof. Li Lab, involving in the development and clinical validation of prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers for early detection of cancer, as well as prediction of treatment response in precision cancer medicine.

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