With three decades of real-world experience as an Indy developer, I've had the opportunity to take on a variety of roles to create and deliver many successful, websites, software and mobile applications for commercial brands, non-profit and corporate clients.

The most important key to my success as an indy developer has been my passionate and evolutional acquisition of new core skills as technology, languages and even core business models have changed over the past three decades.

In time where everyone is a specialist, Indy developers like myself strive to be different with expertise and a core competency skill set that is extremely broad.

Current Role at Stanford

User Experience Designer / Developer:

Working with Business Analysts, Stakeholders and Stanford's Agile Development Team to analyze and develop innovative user experiences and user interfaces for a greenfield project. Current project is being accelerated applying many years of experience in web application development into the development of rapid UX design prototypes. Beyond basic wireframes and mockups, these interactive prototypes are now being used to communicate experience patterns and interface designs to the entire project team.