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  • Mohsen Fathzadeh

    Mohsen Fathzadeh

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cardiovascular Medicine

    Bio My long-term goal is to investigate the functional genomics of rare and common variants that cause metabolic and cardiovascular comorbidity. In particular, I am interested in the genetics of insulin resistance as major underlying risk factor for cardiometabolic diseases.
    After completing my master?s degree, I was attracted by the hypothesis that early onset coronary artery disease (CAD) is a genetic subtype of the common type of CAD. In collaboration with Dr. Arya Mani, an expert in Mendelian forms of CAD (Yale University), and Prof Reza Malekzadeh, a pioneer of cohort studies (Tehran University), and HHMI investigator in Yale University, Dr. Richard Lifton, I contributed to the genetic analysis of families with early onset CAD and metabolic syndrome. We identified DYRK1B as a causative gene (co-first author; N Engl J Med; 2014).
    During my PhD thesis, I worked on exome data of Mendelian/monogenic disorders that have been sequenced at Yale Genome center to filter them for rare and pathogenic variants. Also, I used RNA-Seq to sequence the transcriptome of human skeletal muscle biopsies from the carriers and non-carriers of the DYRK1B mutation. I also applied LFQ-MS (label free quantification- tandem mass spectrometry) to address changes in the proteome of DYRK1B mutants in both human muscle biopsies and in vitro models. Through these studies I gained an experimental and conceptual framework for high-throughput data analyses focusing on the networks of metabolic pathways for insulin resistance.
    I am enthusiastic to pursue functional genomic characterization of genes found through GWAS of Insulin Resistance with fantastic group of investigators at Stanford medicine.

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