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  • Robin Sugiura

    Robin Sugiura

    Associate Director of Programs, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

    Current Role at Stanford Associate Director of Programs, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
    Program Manager, Stanford-SJSU IRACDA Program

  • Ruping Sun

    Ruping Sun

    Basic Life Science Research Associate, Stanford Cancer Institute

    Bio I am a bioinformatician and geneticist specializing in data-driven modelling and computational algorithms for massive parallel sequencing data. I work in Dr. Curtis lab in Stanford Cancer Institute, where I serve as a staff member, conducting computational cancer research by analyzing and interpreting genomic and transcriptomic heterogeneity in multi-regional, longitudinal or single-cell sampling of human cancers. Under the direction of Dr. Curtis, I also collaborate with some other labs for studying the genetics of a rare pediatric cancer type and non-coding gene regulation. Before joining Stanford, I worked at Columbia in NYC and Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, where I did extensive research on models for gene regulation and algorithm design for next generation sequencing data. My goal is to further my discovery of connections between high resolution (epi)genetic information and cancer aetiology and progression. I also aim to popularize algorithm development and data visualization for better extracting and interpreting the (epi)genetic alterations.

  • Wenchao Sun

    Wenchao Sun

    Basic Life Sci Res Assoc, Cardiovascular Institute Operations

    Bio Dr. Wenchao Sun is a research scientist in the Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery (BioADD) Laboratory at Stanford University, California, USA. A biochemist by training, Dr. Sun has strong research experience in small molecule and biologics delivery systems (protein and gene delivery) and bioanalytical techniques. He received his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. He went on to pursue his PhD in Dr. Pamela B. Davis lab at Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA. While learning about Cystic Fibrosis in Dr. Davis lab, he became interested in non-viral gene delivery as a novel therapy for this genetic disease. He studied the interaction of polymer based DNA nanoparticles with cells and acquired experience in bioconjugation. Dr. Sun then joined the BioADD lab at Stanford University for his postdoctoral training where he expanded his interest in drug delivery to include therapeutic proteins and small molecules. He soon became an expert in transdermal drug and protein delivery. He also delved into the mechanistic study of a small molecule drug for Alzheimer’s disease. He is now in charge of the Bioanalytical Division of the lab where he uses liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) to conduct bioanalysis and metabolite ID of small molecule drugs. Being in the forefront of translational research, Dr. Sun played a leading role in a number of collaborative projects.

  • Ying Sun (孙莹)

    Ying Sun (孙莹)

    Ph.D. Student in Biology, admitted Autumn 2013

    Bio Ying is a first-generation college student who immigrated to the US from rural China when she was young. She grew up in Las Vegas, NV where her parents worked as casino dealers. After high school, she attended UC San Diego to obtain a BS in Biochemistry, Cell Biology. While at UCSD, Ying was a part of the McNair Scholars program which supports students interested in obtaining a PhD. She worked on circadian rhythm in plants in the lab of Steve Kay and became interested in transcription and gene regulation. Currently, she is a graduate student in the lab of José Dinneny at Stanford University. Her project aims to understand how some plants are more stress-tolerant than others. In her research, she analyzes the genomes of plants that live in extreme environments and utilizes bioinformatics tools to connect genotype to phenotype. Her career goal is to be a faculty member and to work at the intersection between molecular biology, functional genomics, and evolutionary genomics. In her spare time, Ying enjoys volunteering, baking, playing with animals, dancing, any outdoor activity, ice skating, and watching TV! She believes in mentorship and advocates for inclusion, equity, diversifying academia and solidarity. She hopes to promote the mindset of having gratitude, respect, and love toward one another in academia.